Collagen Stimulation

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Collagen Stimulation Therapy

Collagen stimulation therapy, also known as skin needling, is a minimally invasive and highly effective aesthetic treatment. A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin. These micro injuries stimulate the skin’s natural healing process and cause formation of new collagen and elastin.


Collagen stimulation treatment is highly effective at reducing acne and body scarring, hair thinning, fine lines, sun-damage, as well as generally improving skin texture.


Visible results of skin rejuvenation are generally seen after 3 months  following procedure and improve further over time. A course of 3-6  treatments is usually recommended to achieve optimum results. However, skin improvement is noticeable after just one treatment.


Top up treatments may be required periodically for maintenance.

Consultation is required.

Price starts from 150 Euro per treatment

Hair growth stimulation treatment start from 80 Euro

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